Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paddlesports at the forefront of recreation in Michigan

State of Michigan Recreation Role

    Recreation responsibilities in Southeastern Michigan :

    1) development of a state-wide recreation plan.
    2) provision of large-scale recreation to serve the inter-county recreation needs of people.
    3) acquisition and management of natural lands.
    4) protection of natural resource areas and wildlife for conservation purposes.
    5) assistance to lower levels of government for development of recreation.

   Recreation includes paddlesports – canoe and kayaking.

   Paddlesports should come before motorboat fishing activities :
   - more accessible and desirable to the general everyday public.
   - kayaks and canoes cost far less than powerboats and don’t pollute the environment.
   - paddlesports provide much needed exercise, reduces stress levels, and is quiet.
   - launching a kayak or canoe can be easily done without highly expensive concrete trailer ramps
   - paddlesports adds to the economy via ecotourism , many travel quite far to paddle scenic areas.

 Waterways and scenic areas are very valuable as public recreational areas.
 Water is a shared resource that interconnects communities.
 It enhances the tourism industry and increase the quality of life for all .

    A navigable stream / creek / river is just as important as a walking / hiking / jogging / running / bicycle trail.


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