Friday, February 11, 2011

2000 people show up to Shiawassee River Races

Way back in 1963 , approximately 2,000 people watched the
8th Annual, Durand Sportsman Association,  boat races on the Shiawassee River  
The 18 mile race started down in Byron,MI and ended at the Shiatown Dam in Durand, MI

The Shiawassee River can be brought back to a navigable level for all of Michigan to enjoy !
It is not outside the realm of possibility - Myself and a few others have paddled 40 miles in 1 day.

Canoe and Kayak races on the Shiawassee River can rival those of the Ausable and Grand River

The Shiawassee River in the vicinity of Byron,Michigan needs a concentrated effort
to remove deadfall trees using chainsaws this summer to make the river navigable. 

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