Monday, August 03, 2009

Tire removal - Saturday - August 8th, 2009

In Holly, Saturday August 8, 2009, Headwaters Trails will remove tires from the Holly
Millpond from 9 until noon. This is strenuous work. A dozen people will
be needed to work from shore and in boats to lift the old tires from the
mucky bottom and stack them in the dumpster provided by the Village of
Holly. We'll eliminate that source of contamination and encourage
everyone to keep our local waters clean.

Call Sue Julian at 248-634-3513 to volunteer.

If we have enough people, we will also go from the
Community Center in Fenton to US23 to pickup trash and do some brush
trimming. Currently, there is a lot of trash in and around the river
plus some brush and low hanging tree branches that could make the trip
down the river a little more difficult than it needs to be.

email : chuck.julian AT
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