Monday, August 03, 2009

Launch, Put-IN, Take-Out, Access Points, Bail Out Points

Shiawassee River from Fenton to Linden to Argentine

Strom Park, located on Fenton Mill Pond at Elizabeth St, has a boat launch and parking on site. Nice place to paddle when you do not want to spot vehicles. Go up the river towards Holly and you may run into a beaver dam. When you paddle back it is an easy walk to Dibbleville restaurants and stores.

Fenton Community Center on S. Leroy in the center of historic Fenton. Plenty of parking and a short walk to the river. Many city events take place at this location including a Farmers Market from August through mid-September. This section is usually shallower than further downriver.

Bush Park located on N. Leroy St. across from Dewey Automotive. Public restrooms, easy parking. Launch across the bridge at shallow area. You can also enter the park from Adelaide or Lincoln St. and take road to furthest parking in the south-east corner of the park. Launch by the old concrete bridge. It takes an hour plus to paddle to the DNR launch on Lake Ponemah from the Leroy St. bridge. This section is shallow in late July and August. There are sand and gravel bars in the center so stay to the outside of the curves. Volunteers of the most recent cleanup cut narrow paths through the fallen trees so you will need some skill to maneuver through the openings.

DNR launch for Lake Ponemah located on North Rd. You can continue to Linden paddling around the lake, entering Tupper Lake and back on the river. If you paddle the lake clockwise you’ll come to Tee Bonez. You can leave your boats on/near the docks while you enjoy refreshments. This lake is windy and choppy much of the time. Conditions worsen with the jet skis and power boats so be careful and stay close to shore, especially if you have a recreational kayak with a large, open cockpit.

Linden Mill Pond located by the Historic Linden Mill on Tickner St. You can park in the Sharp Funeral Home or library lot. There is a launch on the pond for easy in and out. Paddle up river to the lakes and back to town. Restaurants and unique shops are just a block away. Free concerts are at the gazebo Wednesday evening at 7:00 during the summer. Farmers market downtown during September.

Bridge Street, Launch the river is downhill from the north side parking lot behind the Bridge St. businesses. The water can be fast moving when the dam is open. Lots of twists and turns, some sections are shallow, wetlands area can be choked in weeds late in the season. Short ride (1 – 1 ½ hrs) to Hogan Rd. Longer paddle (3 – 4hrs) to McCasslin Lake Rd.

Hogan Road , Bridge just 1 ½ miles from downtown Linden by road but a hour plus paddle by river. Possible future site of public launch but difficult to get out in and out now. Look out for poison ivy.

McCaslin Lake Road , Final takeout for the Fenton to Linden to Argentine stretch. Parking on either side of the road. Fairly easy in and out. When paddling from Linden stay to the right when approaching Hatt (Shiawassee) Lake. You can continue to Byron but may have to portage over fallen trees.

Call Cheff’s Canoe Rental (989-288-7067).
They maintain the area from Byron to Shiatown near Vernon
Based at Walnut Hills Family Campground 7685 E. Lehring Rd. Durand MI 48429.
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