Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Editor - Canoe News

LOVE THESE GUYS ALREADY --got a response from the editor of Canoe News 7/29/2009

Are you familiar with Canoe News magazine? If not, I can send you one (next issue will be off press August 10th) if you reveal the secret of your postal address to me.

Also – if you hold river cleanups from time to time on the Shiawassee, you can publicize them by putting them up on the new Worldwide Paddling Event Calendar – launched Sunday (during the AuSable!).

The Calendar is not just for races. There is a specific check box for River Cleanups and other river related events.

If you do list an event, would you give me critical feedback (suggestions you might have for making the form better? The site better?)


Gareth Stevens
Editor, Canoe News
United States Canoe Association
5070 Holy Hill Rd / PO Box 56
Hubertus, WI 53033

nawal {AT} ticon {DOT} net

Land: 262 628 9991
Air: 262 853 5453
Water: gurgle, spit, gasp . . .
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