Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some actual river distances (GPS recordings)

I have snippets in various posts with actual mileage from my Garmin GPS 60 model.
a.) Distance from Community Center or Fire House in Fenton by the gazebo/dam --- to Hogan Road = 9.6 miles

b.) We all know that Waterworks Park -- to Strom Park = slightly under 7 miles

c.) Going from the backwoods of the Shiawassee, starting at Davison Mill Pond ---- to Stiff Mill Pond by Waterworks Park = 8 miles

d.) Start at Waterworks in Holly - to McCaslin Lake Road = 22 miles

e.) Start at McCaslin Lake Road - Shiatown Dam = 32 miles

The app I developed is point-to-point straight line distance between landmarks
---not actual river miles --

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