Friday, March 22, 2013

Looking In at Activity

Always interesting to see who checks out the webpage.
From time to time I see activity from USA Tank Command in Warren,MI

I know in the past, people on the state and federal level have been involved
with various activities along the Shiawassee River in Oakland County

Back when large diesel cranes were doing pipeline work right on the banks
of the Shiawassee River,  I had done some investigation about it all.
Pipeline work continues in many area nearby, hopefully the ecology doesn't suffer.

Melanie Foose - The AOC coordinator at Michigan DEQ - Office of Great Lakes

Pictures of Industrial Cranes a while back

Response from Michigan DNRE rep, Melanie Foose:
The work that you are observing is being conducted by Enbridge and is part of the 6B pipeline that runs from Chicago, through Kalamazoo and up into Ontario.  Several portions of this line have required repair in Oakland County.  Prior to the work, I had walked this site of proposed work for Enbridge, as well as other sites in the county.  I had some concerns regarding the stream, the high quality wetland surrounding the stream – wetland that interestingly enough extends up the hill from the river with a likely groundwater seep, and also some concerns over certain rare species.  We did end up issuing a permit for the work – modified from their original proposal.   I expect that the work is close to finished or even completed by now, as they were hoping to have it done before Christmas.
-Melanie Foose

LOTS of terrritory to cover and only a few people 
to look after all, issue permits and such. A tough job !


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