Monday, August 29, 2011

Continued progress on Shiawassee River

Groups went out this weekend August 28, 2011 and continued making the Shiawassee River passable.

One group went to Bird Road to work toward the Byron Mill Pond
and the other started at Bridge Street in Linden.

The Bird Road group discovered that with the lower water level,
there were some pretty big trees that emerged and required clearing.
They didn't make it all the way to Duffield and returned to Bird Road mid afternoon.

The Linden group also worked diligently making it to McCaslin Road..

It's tough work slogging around in the river and many calories were burned..
Pizza was available at Maggie's house with her usual hospitality for volunteers.

Punching all the way thru to Byron will have to wait till next year,
with great progress being made along the river once again in 2011
These efforts simply don't happen without volunteer effort and all who participated
are sincerely appreciated and applauded by those that recreate in and along the river.

Headwaters Trails has its Fall, Canoeing in Color tour coming up October 1, 2011.
A perfect opportunity to get out on the river and enjoy all its splendor.
Details will be posted in the near future .

Consider stopping by a meeting of  Headwaters Trails Inc.
These are normally held the first Wednesday of each month,
meeting in the Holly Village Council chambers at 7:00 pm 

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