Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paddling safely in groups

I'm a firm believer that sharing is caring --- i.e. sharing info with others shows a level of concern

There are some people who falsely believe posting about kayak safety
drives people away from the sport - "we just want to paddle leave us alone" - syndrome.
Posting , talking, discussing ,  teaching safety is not the culprit - it those who refuse to heed advice that put others at risk.

That's a damn shame because those ""un-safety concious folk"" paddle with others in groups.
A recent article by Tim Dyer concerning group management calls it ""Paddling with Lemons""

Nobody wants a "Lemon". Definitely not an automobile that's a lemon, or an appliance that's a lemon.
Smart Paddling involves minimizing risk to yourself, your equipment, and those you paddle with.

Are you in possession of a "Lemon" when paddling ?
- do you truly know the skills of your paddling partner ?
- suppose you don't know the skills of multiple paddlers in the group ?

- are there some in the group who don't wear a pfd, refuse to wear a pfd ?
- are there some who expect others to save them instead of being able to save themselves ?

Maybe you won't have an accident - but the likelihood is strong, especially when the odds are stacked up.
Lemons sour the mix, so eliminate the ones ruining the experience, and have an enjoyable safe paddle.
It's your life, protect it.

Remember :

Don’t go in to rescue somebody - if you can't stay on top yourself.  
No pretending, no hero stuff. You are no good to anyone if you’re upside down.

Get those still on top - in a position where they’ll stay on top - have them raft up besides one another.

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