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Stream Stabilization & Restoration Guidance Documents

Stream Stabilization & Restoration Guidance Documents

Prepared by: Paul Bijhouwer, P.E., Hydraulic Engineer, CELRB-TD-HD Last Updated: 11/28/2005

Disclaimer: This listing is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute USACE endorsement of the practices described in the references for any specific purposes. The practices of stream stabilization and restoration are highly complex and should only be undertaken under the guidance of experienced licensed professionals. As always, early coordination with agencies having permitting jurisdiction is highly advisable.

SOME INFO may prove more useful than others - poke around and see what fits your needs

HQUSACE Publications
Available at
ER 1110-2-1405 Hydraulic Design for Local Flood Protection Projects, 30-Sep-1982
EM 1110-2-1204 Environmental Engineering for Coastal Shore Protection, 10-Jul-1989
EM 1110-2-1205 Environmental Engineering for Local Flood Control Channels, 15-Nov-1989
EM 1110-2-1418 Channel Stability Assessment for Flood Control Projects, 31-Oct-1994
EM 1110-2-1601 Hydraulic Design of Flood Control Channels, 30-Jun-1994
EM 1110-2-1612 Ice Engineering, 30-Oct-2002
EM 1110-2-4000 Sedimentation of Rivers and Reservoirs, 31-Oct-1995
Engineer Research and Development Center Manuals / Reports / Technical Notes
The WES Stream Investigation and Streambank Stabilization Handbook, Oct-1997
ERDC/EL SR-W-00-1 Stream Management, Mar-2000
ERDC-CHL TR-00-15 Effective Discharge Calculation - A Practical Guide, Aug-2000
ERDC/CHL TR-01-28 Hydraulic Design of Stream Restoration Projects, Sep-2001
All downloadable through ERDC Digital Library searches at
ERDC/CHL CHETN-VIII-4 Effective Discharge Calculation, Dec-2000
ERDC/CHL CHETN-VIII-5 Channel Forming Discharge, Dec-2000
Available at;370
ERDC TN-EMRRP-SR-29 Stability Thresholds for Stream Restoration Materials, May-2001
Available at (with numerous other Stream Restoration tech notes)

Institute for Water Resources
Illustrations of Environmental Engineering Features for Planning, Dec-1998 
Other (Non-USACE) – General 
Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, processes, and practices, 1998 
Comprehensive reference prepared by the Federal Interagency Stream Restoration Working Group
John McCullah’s Environmentally Sensitive Streambank Stabilization 
 - Commercial version for purchase
- Freely downloadable public domain version
Contains design guidance, typical details, etc.
David Rosgen guidance / technical papers downloadable from Wildland Hydrology website
Guidance on design of j-hooks, cross-vane weirs, etc.

Stream Stabilization & Restoration Guidance Documents
Prepared by: Paul Bijhouwer, P.E., Hydraulic Engineer, CELRB-TD-HD
Last Updated: 11/28/2005 2:11 PM USDA Forest Service – Stream Systems Technology Center 
USDA NRCS National Water Management Center – Regional Hydraulic Geometry Curves 
North Carolina Stream Restoration Institute 
Links to Stream Restoration Design Principles course presentations.
Lots of other educational materials on this site.
Homepage of Douglas Shields of the USDA ARS
Review the online list of his publications.
Many useful publications are available for download at the second link. 
Doyle River Ecosystems Group
Link to the homepage for Martin Doyle, a Geomorphologist involved in river restoration work. 
Link to downloadable version of the excellent paper Design for Stream Restoration, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 129(3):575-584, 2003, coauthored by Shields, Copeland, Klingeman, Doyle, and Simon. This paper defines a standard of care for hydraulic engineering of river restoration projects, and includes an extensive bibliography of useful references many of which can be Googled from the web. 
Robert Newbury – Author of publication on design of rocked riffles - Stream Analysis and Fish Habitat Design – A Field Manual, 1993. This publication is available on-line at the ftp site given below. An updated version of the manual was also available for purchase, but is no longer found at the bookstore website. Try contacting Newbury through the website below for more info. Newbury also offers Stream Design courses. Filename: Stream Analysis.pdf File size: 141 MB 
USGS National Flood Frequency computer program 
Free software automating computations using the USGS regression procedures for each state (see below)
Other (Non-USACE) – Ohio Specific 
USGS Open File Report 93-135 Estimation of peak-frequency relations, flood hydrographs, and volume-duration-frequency relations of ungaged small urban streams in Ohio, Sherwood, 1993 
USGS Water Resources Investigation Report 03-4164 Techniques for Estimating Flood-Peak Discharges of Rural, Unregulated Streams in Ohio, Koltun, 2003 
USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4068 Techniques for Estimating Selected Streamflow Characteristics of Rural, Unregulated Streams in Ohio 
Ohio Department of Natural Resources / Ohio State University STREAM website
Natural Channel Design aids in Excel format

Prepared by: Paul Bijhouwer, P.E., Hydraulic Engineer, CELRB-TD-HD
Last Updated: 11/28/2005 2:11 PM
Other (Non-USACE) – New York Specific 
USGS Project 2457-A29-1 – Regionalization of Channel Geomorphology Characteristics for Streams of New York State, Excluding Long Island. This page describes the USGS effort currently underway to develop regional hydraulic geometry curves for the various hydrologic regions of NY.
Includes links to the completed publications. 
USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 90-4197
– Regionalization of Flood Discharges of Rural, Unregulated Streams in New York, Excluding Long Island

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