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Shiawassee River Launch Sites : Saginaw County, Michigan

Shiawassee River Launch Sites

Saginaw County, Michigan
Miller Road - Shiawassee Flats
From M-46, west of Shields at Miller Road signal, head south to dead end (over 4 miles).
GPS: N 43 21.458, W 84 04.331
St. Charles DNR Ramp - Bad River
Heading south into St. Charles. Turn left at the DNR sign at the bridge.
The ramp is opposite the DNR building, on the river.
GPS: N 43 17.950, W 84 08.471
St. Charles - Bad River, down river site
Heading south into St. Charles, go past the intersection where HWY 52 veers to the west.
Continue south until the road angles west and turns into Chesaning Street (about 4 blocks).
Follow Chesaning St. a block and a half to Hulien Road.
Turn left (east), and proceed to the dead end. Turn left (north), and continue to the river.
Parking is fair. Do not attempt to use this site turning flood times.
GPS: N 43 18.188, W 84.06.587
Oakley (Old Dam Site)
Go through St. Charles on HWY 52, to about 6 blocks east of Oakley.
GPS: 43 08.373, W 84 09.590
Henderson Park
Go through St. Charles on HWY 52, past Oakley to Henderson Road (approximately 15 miles from downtown St. Charles).
Turn right (west) onto Henderson Road, and head into the park.
The park is located at the junction of the river/bridge and Henderson Road.
GPS: 43 05.206, W 84 10.997
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