Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kodak American Greenways

Kodak American Greenways has awarded Headwaters Trails $1000 toward installation of railings at the Academy Footbridge over the Shiawassee River.  Headwaters Trails is honored to be one of 28 projects recognized nationally by Kodak American Greenways and will use the funding as a Challenge Grant to complete the needed safety improvements--attractive railings and protective bollards.  For each $1 donated to Headwaters Trails, the grant will match $1 up to $1000.  The total project is estimated to cost $2, 500. 

This location is part of a proposed walking trail network that intersects at this point with the Shiawassee River Heritage Water Trail, a paddling trail that starts at WaterWorks Park in Holly, winds through Fenton,  and will eventually stretch all the way to Saginaw Bay.  When the walking paths are completed, the public will be able to walk from several directions--the Village of Holly, the Pulte development, and Seven Lakes State Park--to this site on the Shiawassee.

At the present time, the land is owned by the Township of Holly and schoolchildren and recreational walkers cross the footbridge which has already been improved by the Township with a metal grating as the bridge floor.  However, the river churns along under the bridge at this narrow point and without bridge railings the crossing could be unsafe.  Furthermore, some people in ATV's or other motorized vehicles illegally attempt to cross at this point.  The bridge is only built to hold the weight of walkers.  Bollards will be installed to prevent motorized vehicles from crossing.

Challenge Grant donations to match the Kodak award will help get the bridge work completed this spring and may be sent to: Headwaters Trails, P.O. Box 33, Holly, MI 48442. Donations are tax deductible. Headwaters Trails meets on the first Wednesday of each month in the Holly Village Chambers, 315 S. Broad Street at 7pm. "Volunteers  are encouraged to join, to help out on workdays or to just come and ask questions," said Sue Julian, President of Headwaters Trails..

Kodak American Greenways makes grants yearly to encourage the further development of recreational corridors that are grassroots initiatives.  The pathways system in the Holly area fits the criteria." Headwaters Trails is delighted to have been recognized by this national group in which Eastman Kodak Company, the National Geographic Society, and The Conservation Fund are all partners," said Julian. The Kodak American Greenways Program is an annual program that recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations for exemplary leadership in the enhancement of our nation’s outdoor heritage.
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