Sunday, October 04, 2009

Shiawassee River State Heritage Water Trail

Even on a windy rainy Saturday morning October 3, 2009 a large group of approximately 50 paddlers
in 38 kayaks and canoes came out to celebrate the opening of a new Heritage Water Trail
in Oakland County along 7 miles of the Shiawassee River from Holly to Fenton.

Various dignitaries came out to help kick things off that day

Marsha Powers - Village Manager in Holly

Sandra Kleven  -  Village Council in Holly

Suzanne Perrault  - Executive Director - Holly Downtown Development Authority

Gayle Vandercook – Artist for the kiosks displayed at various launch and landing sites

Kristen Wiltfang   -- Oakland County – Planning & Economic Development
GIS mapping technical assistance &  Environmental Stewardship

Elizabeth Shaw - The Flint Journal

HeadWatersTrails, Inc. is based in northern Oakland County, Michigan, and dedicated to the
development of a trail network in the northwest headwaters region.

With grant support, Headwaters Trails, Inc has developed a signage program for the Shiawassee River.
The funding allowed installation signage and kiosks to be installed from Holly, MI in Oakland County  to Fenton, MI in Genessee County.
It is hoped that signage will be developed and installed along the Shiawassee River all the way to Saginaw Bay.

Several types of signage have been proposed for the Shiawassee River :

Wayside Interpretive Exhibits – large signs and kiosks help visitors learn about the Shiawassee River and natural history.

Mile Posts – mile markers are placed between Holly and Fenton for the 7 mile trip.

Emergency Access Posts – negotiated with landowners and the North Oakland Fire Authority,
these posts are for emergency landings and ambulance services if needed.
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