Friday, October 30, 2009

Kayak Classes

Beginning Kayaking: These classes are an excellent complete beginner's course held in the safe and warm confines of an indoor pool.  The class is a series of four weekly two hour sessions.  The first session, be dressed for the pool session and at poolside one hour before the scheduled pool time for a safety/orientation session.  Attendance at the first day is mandatory.  This course will focus on basic kayaking strokes that are applicable to both sea kayaking and white water kayaking.  We will also work on self and assisted rescues, recovery strokes, sweep strokes and the beginning elements of self-rescue techniques.  Students should bring swimming goggles, nose plugs and a towel along with swimming apparel. Participants under 16 must be approved in advance by the instructor.  

 11/3-11/17, 12/1, Tuesdays (4 weeks), 7:45-10pm, $127 person

Fenton HS, Register at or (248) 437-8105

11/19, 11/31-12/17, Thursdays (4 weeks), 7:45-10pm, South Lyon HS, $145 person

Register at or (248) 437-8105

Kayak Rolling Classes: This class will focus on the elements of hip snap development, high and low bracing and the Kayak Roll.  Either the "C to C" or Sweep Roll will be taught depending upon student's capabilities.  Strength is not important in learning to roll… it's all about boat fit, flexibility, and most importantly, proper technique. So if you are ready to learn to roll that boat, here's your chance.  The class will be scheduled for four hours, but please arrive 30-60 minutes in advance to be outfitted with gear.  

Sunday, 11/15, 8:30am-12:30pm, Brighton HS, $80/person

Register by calling Rob Taylor @ (810) 355-6381

Tuesdays, (2 weeks), 12/8 & 12/15, 7-9pm,

Fenton HS, $82/person

Register at or (248) 437-8105

 "Over Easy" Open Pool Sessions: Here's a chance to practice all that you've learned in the Basic Kayaking and Rolling classes in the friendly environment of the Brighton High School pool.  Perfect all those different strokes, practice rescues, and work on that "bomb-proof roll" or just come hang-out with other paddlers and swap war stories.  Certified instructors will be on hand to provide pointers if needed.

Sunday, 11/29, 3-5:30pm, 

Brighton HS, $30/person

Register by calling Rob Taylor @ (810) 355-6381

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