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2009 Shiawassee River -- Heritage Water Trail

The Shiawassee River Trail and Headwaters Trails, Inc

Headwaters Trails, Inc. is based in Oakland County, Michigan, and dedicated to the development of a trail network and accompanying recreational activities in the northwest headwaters region. Over the last three years, Sue Julian and Doug Lanyk have been leading a paddling effort to create a designated water trail in Oakland County, with assistance from the OakRivers Initiative . They have focused on the stretch of the Shiawassee River from the Village of Holly to the City of Fenton. Their successes include:

* Installation of canoe/kayak launch site at Holly Waterworks Park with funding from REI
* Development of a signage program, with funding from the Saginaw Watershed Initiative Network
* Holly to Fenton canoe races - this year 2009 is June 7th
* Regular river cleanups and paddle trips

Shiawassee River Signage
With grant support, Headwaters Trails, Inc has developed a signage program for the Shiawassee River. Current funding will support installation from Holly to Fenton; all communities along the Shiawassee are welcome to use the same signage designs. It is hoped that signage will be developed and installed along the Shiawassee River all the way to Saginaw Bay. Several types of signage have been proposed for the Shiawassee River:

Wayside Interpretive Exhibits – large signs and kiosks that help visitors learn about the Shiawassee River and natural history. Five of these are planned for Oakland County at various landing spots.
Safety Signs – single sided metal signs that alert paddlers of upcoming obstacles. Ten of these will be installed from Holly to Fenton
Mile Posts – mile markers will be placed between Holly and Fenton marking the 7 mile trip.
Emergency Access Posts – negotiated with landowners and the North Oakland Fire Authority, these posts are for emergency landings and ambulance services if needed.

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