Saturday, July 26, 2014

Easements enhance Conservation efforts

A Message from NOHLC Executive Director Sue Julian

The House of Representatives in Washington voted 277 to 130 for H.R. 4719,
 The “America Gives More Act of 2014,” a charity package
 that includes the Conservation Easement Incentive Act. 

Among many good causes, this bill makes permanent the
federal tax deduction for conservation easement donations. 

This allows NOHLC to work with our neighbors to conserve 
their land and protect valuable natural and
historic resources in northern Oakland county.
This important tax incentive enables families to choose conservation
thereby improving the quality of our air and water,
promoting locally grown food, protecting wildlife habitat, 
and supporting rural livelihoods.  
NOHLC appreciates the bi-partisan support for private land conservation
shown by the votes of Representatives Rogers, Bentivolio and Peters.  
More importantly, making the enhanced incentive permanent 
is about ensuring a legacy.  Land tells the story of our nation,
providing both a window to the past and a key to a healthy
and secure future.  It ensures that open spaces will be there 
for future generations to farm, graze or simply enjoy. 
Our grandchildren’s children will thank us for making
this vital incentive for conservation permanent.
Now it is up to the Senate to vote for it. 
This House passage represents a unique opportunity for 
Congress to make a final push to get this legislation
over the finish line and make the incentive permanent once and for all. 
Our organization protects the landscapes that make this
community a wonderful place to live, and we need to
have this important incentive in our conservation toolkit.



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