Friday, May 23, 2014

Upgrades in Infrastructure needed

UN-fortunately some local drain systems could not handle
the recent rainfall amounts before the Memorial Day Weekend 2014

There were some glitches, hiccups, overflows, etc.
Sunshine helps kill most forms of ecoli as the river levels drop.
Attempt to paddle upon the water, stay in your boat as much as possible.
If you do go in the river waters, take a shower or bath soon afterwards.
Remember, it's all highly highly diluted with millions of gallons of rainwater.

Infrastructure, underground piping, treatment plant capacity, etc.
all need tax money from federal, state and local communities to operate
in a manner that can handle multiple severe rainstorms in the springtime.
It can't be forgotten, pushed off till next year, again and again.

This news story came out of WLNS a few days ago

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