Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oil Pipelines and Shiawassee River

 A New Analysis Says Federal Laws Are Inadequate And That States Should
Approve Their Own Laws To Protect The Great Lakes From Pipeline Oil Spills.

     The Report Released Yesterday (Monday ) August 2012 By The National Wildlife
Federation And University Of Michigan Law School Comes Nearly Two Years
After An Enbridge Owned Pipeline Ruptured Near Marshall, Michigan Spilling
Over One (M) Million-Gallons Of Oil Into Talmadge Creek And The Kalamazoo
     The Report Found That There Is No Federal Review Of Long-Term Risks
Related To Oil-Pipeline Routing Decisions And That State's Have Done Little,
If Anything To Improve Pipeline Safety.
     The Report Recommends That Changes Be Made At The State And Federal
Level, Including That Pipeline Laws Consider The Effects Of Oil Pipelines On
The Great Lakes Basin, Pipeline Information Be Publicly Available And That
States Regulate Intrastate Pipelines And Participate In Oversight And
Inspection Of Interstate Pipelines.

Some readers may remember the PipeLine work on the Shiawassee River
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