Monday, June 04, 2012

THANKS for June 3, 2012 attendance

A Huge THANK YOU to all that came out and paddled June 3, 2012
on the Shiawassee River in Holly, MI.
A great sunny day with some wind, okay, a lot of wind !
(We roll the dice every year on the weather reports)

 Looking for input/feedback as to what we can do to make
 it bigger better more wonderful next year.
We are grateful you've attended in the past and value your opinion.
What keeps people away - weather, timing/date, location, promotion,
feel/ambiance/organization - ?
Why don't we have 500 paddlers coming out year after year  ?
- Any Thoughts ? - If you want to contact me personally
(off the public forums in private) catch me, via
 Willi_H2O {AT} Yahoo {DOT} Com.

The river is open all year long, enjoy it !

Willi Gutmann
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