Monday, January 03, 2011

Michigan's bizzare DAM ownership fiasco

Michigan has numerous DAMS in ownership limbo from judicial juggling of responsibility.
Let's cut the bullshit.
The government is US, the citizens of the Michigan. Waterways belong to everyone, downstream/upstream, all.
Attempting to burden some little itty bitty community of a 1,000 people with $$$$ millions in removal or repair costs is just a complete waste of everyones resources.

The State of Michigan should own all the dams, repair and maintain them along with demolition of  aging deteriorating dams that pose safety hazards.
Dams were used by our ancestors in an era long gone. It is time to evolve into the 21st century.

Corunna, Michigan is playing a game of who,what,where,when concerning ownership of a dam on the Shiawassee River.
Guess what - it belong to all of us in Michigan already.
Your tax dollars are paying the "experts" from the DNR and the Army Corps of Engineers to consult anyways.
Little local governments don't have super duper technical hydro engineers, physicists, structural engineers, etc.

Putting a dam in the hands of the Michigan Land Bank Authority is even more foolish.
It's not something anyone can sell, let along give away to a charity, or make any profit on.
They are bankers, CPA's and office personnel - it's not like they put on a drysuit and inspect the dams......

Water flows, it moves, it seeps, creeps, drips, and gurgles it's way along, never really staying in any one place for long.
It is a resource that belongs to all citizens of Michigan - and the government also belongs to us .
Citizens need to get actively involved with the resources they own .

Last time I checked, no one is getting their grain milled from any mill pond. It is 2011 - move forward !

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