Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting stuff cleaned up is like pulling a live tigers teeth without anethesia

From: Basch, John [mailto:baschj@oakgov.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 3:00 PM
Subject: Dam debris on Shiawassee River

Thank you for writing to the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office about debris that is impeding the flow of water on the Shiawassee River. Unfortunately, this office lacks the authority to perform any cleanup in the area described in your e-mail. When public funds are involved, it is unlawful to expend those funds in areas where we lack jurisdiction. In this case, the jurisdiction of this office is limited to drainage systems established and constructed under the Michigan Drain Code. The land surrounding the dam is owned by the State of Michigan. You may want to solicit help from the state in addressing this issue. It may be helpful to you to know that the dam and box culvert mentioned in your e-mail are located within the “Davisburg State Game Area.” The body of water controlled by this structure also is known as the “Davisburg Trout Pond.” It is shown on most state maps as the “Davisburg Pond.” The state game area is in section 16 of Springfield Township. This information may help you with your investigation and attempts to have the debris cleared.

Best regards,

John A. Basch
Deputy and Legal Counsel
Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office
248-858-4934 office
248-858-5090 fax
248-431-0179 mobile

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