Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rock Weir in Chesanin, Michigan on Shiawassee River


– Thus far the Shiawassee River rock rapids have experienced a fairly tame winter.
Unlike the previous winter, the river hasn’t overflowed or suffered from giant ice flows.
As a result, the Village of Chesaning has been advised to postpone the inspection until “a major event” occurs.

The advice came from Rowe Inc. Project Engineer Mike Nielsen, with the approval of river rock structure designer Elon “Sandy” Verry of Grand Rapids, Minn. The cost of bringing Verry back to Michigan for the inspection and report will be approximately $15,700. Since little has happened to affect the rock placement, it seemed a wise recommendation to postpone the inspection.

During the Village’s Feb. 16 meeting, in addition to recommending a delay in contracting Verry for monitoring, Nielsen suggested the village hire Verry directly rather than going through the engineer as it would save the village money.
He went further to recommend that if the rock rapids did require adjustments, the village should simply call Pete’s Contracting, back, since village officials had been so pleased with the contractor’s work on the project.

There were still some issues associated with the CMI grant that required attention. According to Nielsen, the final $20,000 of the grant won’t be released until the grant has been closed out. Nielsen added, “It is unlikely you’ll go more than a year without having ‘an event’.”
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