Friday, April 03, 2009

2009 Clean Up - May 3rd - Water Works Park

Great day everyone. You missed a beautiful day on the river April 2, 2009. Willi and I traveled from Waterworks Park in Holly to Strom Park in Fenton today. The river was surprisingly clear of trees considering the big windstorms we had over the winter. To start the trip the water was high enough to paddle the original course of the river near Waterworks Park. This was a first for us. It gives a different perspective on the waterworks building and the bridge. Continuing down the river rather than portage most of the blockages we ran into using a chainsaw to go through them seemed the easier choice. (OK I just like using a chainsaw.) We did cut up at least 8 trees and broke up a couple of log jams mostly built from last summers cut trees coming free of their moorings. We did leave 1 small portage and there are multiple spots where you need to duck or perform interesting maneuvers. The sunshine was invigorating, the light breeze cooling, and the water refreshing. I didn't get in past my nipples but was happy to be in the water that deep. (I was wearing chest waders.) The waterfowl were starting their search for nesting sights. Most of the larger river birds common in the region were in generous attendance. On the down side the amount of garbage on the river was the worst I've seen in several years. There are a lot of beverage containers with some assorted buckets and other lawn type decorations scattered throughout our journey.

In short the river is passable, but needs cleaning. The first official cleanup of the year will be on Sunday May 3rd starting at noon from Waterworks Park in Holly. We will need several chainsaw wielding persons along with several litter collectors.

Hope to see you all on the river soon.

Douglas Lanyk.
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