Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flood Stage Paddle - Trip report - Wed. Jan. 9, 08

Doug Lanyk posted a Shiawassee River trip report Wed. Jan. 9, 08
on yahoo based local paddling groups :,,

What a wonderful day on the water. 3 of us got our boats wet at
waterworks park leaving at 11:30 today. Two solo canoes and one white
water kayak composed our flotilla. The water was past flood stage and
4" higher than my scouting trip yesterday. The 15-20 mph . breeze in
our face was a little distracting at first, but was effectively screened
by the trees when we got that far. It was kind of strange paddling over
peoples lawns with the river being 3 to 10 times it's normal width. The
current was brisk but very manageable with very few tricky spots. Most
of the culverts and bridges automatically brought you to the center and
spit you through. The three tubes at the railroad are a little on the
short side. My companions being new to the river opted for the portage
over the tracks, while I squeaked through. There was at least an inch
clearance at my bow and stern with a very manageable current. The
islands near the Holly Treatment plant had navigable water on both sides
for a change. Shortcuts were available on a lot of the oxbows the full
length of the river. Where the worst of last falls tornado damage
happened there were two logjams and several downed trees. Not an issue
today but they will be when the water goes down. I did make a path
trough the only jam I couldn't paddle over or around. the beaver dams
were either fun or totally out of play. All and all a wonderful day on
the water. The land temp was 43F and the water 40F.

Have a wonderful day.
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