Friday, September 14, 2007

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Shaiwassee RiverReport

Type: Destination Report
Nearest City: Linden, MI
Difficulty: Easy

Description:I put in at the Mill Pond in downtown historic Linden. I paddled east against a slow current. The water is clear and you can see many Bass and Panfish.
Leaving the mill pond you enter the river and can paddle about 2 miles. On this stretch of the river there is abundant fish and shore wildlife. There are very few homes at this time.
Once through the river you enter into Tupper Lake. The river picks up again on the east side of Tupper Lake and in a short distance you will be in Lake Ponehma. The trip back to the landing is enjoyable going with the current. Great after-work paddle or extend all day by exploring Lake Ponehma.
Accommodations:Restaurants and shops in Linden
Directions:US23 North to Silver Lake Rd exit. West on Silver Lake Rd. to downtown Linden. On the North side of main street is the mill pond.

Shaiwassee RiverReport

Type: Day Trip Report
Trip Dates: July 2005

Nearest City: Durand, MI
Difficulty: Easy
Submitted by: Mike Willits

Description:I found a river close to home(45min from Highland Mi.)that reminds me of many rivers up north.Not many houses or people and lots of wild animals(Deer, Beaver, Turkeys, Mink, Ducks, Geese, Turtles, Fish, & on and on). I went on a 4hr trip with Cheff's canoe rental and can't wait to go on their 6hr trip. If you like an almost wilderness experience that's close to the Detroit area then this is it. There's even a campground(Walnut Hills) on the river. The people at Cheff's canoe rental were really nice they even get you into your canoe and started down the river(that's a first). I'm going the end of May 2006 and will update everyone.

Fees:$30 for a 2 hr trip and $1 for parking

Directions:I-69 to the Durand Exit, South on M-71 to Durand rd., South on Durand Rd. to Cole Rd., West on Cole Rd to Reed Rd., South on Reed Rd. to Walnut Hills campground.

Contact : Cheff's Canoe Rental : 1-989-288-7067
Walnut Hills Campground : 866-634-9782 (open 4/15 to 10/15)
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