Friday, July 31, 2009

Linden,Michigan USGS gauges on Shiawassee River

This gage was operated from 1968-94 then again for a short period 2001-03.
The block house structure would require a considerable amount of work to make it usableand assure that the intakes
to the river are not plugged and are responding to the changes in water levels properly.

If this gaging site was to be used again it would be more economical to establish a new shelter that houses the monitoring instrumentation.
With changes in monitoring instrumentation technology the new shelter would be much smaller than the current building.
A panel box that would hold all the instrumentation would be about 1ft x 3ft x 3ft in size.

Establishment of a gaging station is somewhat site specific and for an exact cost a site visit is needed.
The installation with all the instrumentation would run between $21,500 and $23,500.
This would include all the instrumentation, data logger, pressure transducer, and re-establishing the original datum.
Stage and discharge would be collected on a 15-minute interval transmitted by satellite and
available to the public on the "web" near real-time.
This would be a one-time cost for gage installation.

There would also be a yearly operational cost of $15,500.
This would cover developing and maintaining a stage/discharge rating, record processing,
quality assurance of data, data transmission and publication.

If the data need was something less than a continuous record station, such as peak flow only or stage only
these cost figures would change.

Please feel free to contact myself or Steve Blumer ( if you would like to discuss
the re-establishment of this gage or have any additional questions.

Russel J Minnerick
U.S. Geological Survey
Grayling Field Office Chief
989-348-8291 ext 10
FAX 6866

From: James R Nicholas/WRD/USGS/DOI
Date: 07/31/2009 08:33 AM
Subject: ********_____ USGS gauges in Linden, MI on Shiawassee River___________************

Jim Nicholas, Director
USGS Michigan Water Science Center
6520 Mercantile Way, Suite 5
Lansing, Michigan 48911
517-887-8906 (w)
517-881-2436 (c)
fax 887-8937

Measurement and Computation of Stream Flow USGS

U.S. Geological Survey, Water Supply Paper 2175 - Part 1

By S. E. Rantz and others

The text and graphics are presented here in pdf format (print quality):

The full report is 21 MB

The report is also available in chapters in pdf for a faster download:


Chapter l.—Introduction 225 KB

Chapter 2.—Selection of gaging-station sites 450 KB

Chapter 3.—Gaging-station controls 1 MB

Chapter 4.—Measurement of stage 4 MB

Chapter 5—Measurement of discharge by conventional current-meter method 7 MB

Chapter 6.—Measurement of discharge by the moving-boat method 2 MB

Chapter 7.—Measurement of discharge by tracer dilution 3 MB

Chapter 8.—Measurement of discharge by miscellaneous methods 885 KB

Chapter 9.—Indirect determination of peak discharge 1.5 MB

Index (The index covers the two volumes of this manual. Volume I contains pages l-284 and Volume II contains pages 285-631) 726 KB

Errata sheet 116 KB



Chapter 10—Discharge ratings using simple stage-discharge relations 7 MB

Chapter 11—Discharge ratings using slope as a parameter 2.2 MB

Chapter 12—Discharge ratings using a velocity index as a parameter 2.4 MB

Chapter 13—Discharge ratings for tidal streams 914 KB

Chapter 14—Discharge ratings for miscellaneous hydraulic facilities 3.3 MB

Chapter 15—Computation of discharge records 3.6 MB

Chapter 16—Presentation and publication of stream-gaging data 1.7 MB

Index (The index covers the two volumes of this manual. Volume I contains pages l-284 and Volume II contains pages 285-631) 726 KB

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another section getting cleaned - hurray !

Pre-Register for the Shiawassee River Cleanup!

12th Annual River Cleanup
Join in on Saturday, August 8, 2009 9 am to noon for the 12th Annual
Shiawassee River Cleanup! The Friends of the Shiawassee River, with
support from the Great Lakes Commission, will be organizing volunteers
to remove debris from the river's water and banks. All volunteers
will receive a free t-shirt, compliments of Chemical Bank and the
Great Lakes Commission, and lunch, generously provided by Mancino's of
Owosso. The River Cleanup is also supported by: The City of Owosso,
Waste Management, and Gilbert's True Value Hardware of Owosso.

Volunteers will meet at:

* Geeck Rd. Park
* McCurdy Park, Corunna (near the footbridge)
* Oakwood St. pedestrian bridge (Owosso)
* Henderson Park

For more information please see

Register by calling Heidi Frei at 989.723.9062 or emailing

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Editor - Canoe News

LOVE THESE GUYS ALREADY --got a response from the editor of Canoe News 7/29/2009

Are you familiar with Canoe News magazine? If not, I can send you one (next issue will be off press August 10th) if you reveal the secret of your postal address to me.

Also – if you hold river cleanups from time to time on the Shiawassee, you can publicize them by putting them up on the new Worldwide Paddling Event Calendar – launched Sunday (during the AuSable!).

The Calendar is not just for races. There is a specific check box for River Cleanups and other river related events.

If you do list an event, would you give me critical feedback (suggestions you might have for making the form better? The site better?)


Gareth Stevens
Editor, Canoe News
United States Canoe Association
5070 Holy Hill Rd / PO Box 56
Hubertus, WI 53033

nawal {AT} ticon {DOT} net

Land: 262 628 9991
Air: 262 853 5453
Water: gurgle, spit, gasp . . .

The Canoe News

The Canoe News website went on line the other day.

The Canoe News

A new venue to publicize

Non-Race Events: Cruises, Symposia, Festivals etc.
Trade Show

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chesaning Township to clean Shiawassee River

The state department is also funding a cleanup of the Shiawassee River,
scheduled for 9 a.m. Aug. 15 in Chesaning Township
from the Parshallburg boat launch to Showboat Park.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

***__ New section Shiawassee River CLEARED ___****

Shiawassee River Heritage Trail

You can now paddle from Fenton's Bush Park to US 23 near Lake Ponemah !

-----Paddlesports is exploding in popularity, it’s cheaper than powerboating.

The secton of the river is now navigable via canoe or kayak-- -approximately 3 miles.

Takeout at US 23 is easy with great access making for a great scenic paddle.

Adventurous people could probably make it all the way to Linden from Bush Park--approx. 6 miles.

Hard core paddlers could start in Holly at Waterworks Park, portage the dam in Fenton and continue into Linden - approx 13 miles.

Various teams used chainsaws to remove many large fallen trees and log jams.

A lot of debris and garbage was also picked up making the river a lot cleaner.

Even the fisherman will be happy as new habitat was created by

securing the logs via cable ties along the banks of the river.

The river is a lot healthier and will flow much easier now.,-83.698869&spn=0.01483,0.026157&z=16

Recently over 100 local paddlers showed up for a canoe/kayak event starting in Holly, Michigan.

Numerous townships and cities are CLEARING the Shiawassee River making it navigable for paddle sports.

The river is currently navigable for 7 miles from Holly to Fenton via the efforts of HeadWatersTrails Inc.


Grant Announcement--River Trail to Continue Downstream

At the Linden Millpond on June 10th, the Fenton Community Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint announced a grant to continue interpretive signage downstream of Holly on the Shiawassee River. The funding will also allow for an access point to be developed in Argentine Township at McCaslin Lake Road. Follow the links below for more information about the development of the Shiawassee River Heritage Water Trail.

by Eric Fish | The Flint Journal

Monday July 06, 2009, 9:22 AM


Friends of the Shiawassee River

The full River Cleanup will remove debris from the Shiawassee from Bancroft to Henderson.

Shiawassee River Cleanup !

Saturday, August 8, 2009 9 a.m. to noon
Join the Friends of the Shiawassee River for the full cleanup of the River. We'll again be partnering with the Shiawassee County Health Department, Environmental Health Division to remove and recycle tires found in the River habitat, funded by the Great Lakes Commission. The FOSR and SCHD will again lead a summer long collection of tires to be housed (thanks to the City of Owosso) until the collection on 8/8. Reserve your stretch of the river for your group/organization or business ahead of time by following the link above. For more information, call 989.723.9062.

Can't join in on the August 8 cleanup ? Help out Chesaning Parks and Recreation Commission for their first Annual Cleanup on August 15 !


Willi Gutmann

aka Willi_H2O AT Yahoo.Com

Video documenting Shiawassee River section from Holly to Fenton


Friday, July 17, 2009

All the Way to Saginaw Bay

-(click on the picture for a large, full screen view)

The Shiawassee flows NORTH from Oakland County

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Put-In at Bush Park in Fenton

Shiawassee River -: Put-In at Bush Park in Fenton

Maps of Bush Park in Fenton, Michigan (click on the link below),-83.705285&spn=0.014831,0.026157&z=16

Understand Life Vests and PFD's personal floatation devices

People need to understand their personal PFD's

The people hardest to float are those with compact, dense bodies. These tend to be people with athletic body builds, with a lot of bone and muscle mass, and not much fat. Fat is not as dense as muscle and bone, so people who are overweight can actually be easier to float than someone who is much smaller and leaner. Heavy people do not need a higher buoyancy PFD because of their weight......

Most require only about 11 pounds (50 Newtons) of extra buoyancy to keep their head out of water. That is why a PFD with just 15.5 pounds (70 Newtons) of buoyancy can provide adequate flotation for an adult -- even a very large person. PFDs with 22 to 34 pounds (100 to 155 Newtons) can provide superior performance.

Modifying a PFD, such as (permanently) adding additional body strap webbing, voids the device's approval, no matter who does the modification. However, for a person with a chest size over 130 cm (52 inches), using an adult universal PFD with a clip-on body strap extension does not void the approval.

THE BIBLE of PFD's - US Coast Guard - Last Modified 7/31/2008

BUOYANCY: Most adults only need an extra seven to twelve pounds of buoyancy to keep their heads above water. A PFD can give that "extra lift," and it's made to keep you floating until help comes.

Your weight isn't the only factor in finding out how much "extra lift" you need in water. Body fat, lung size, clothing, and whether the water is rough or calm, all play a part.